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Monarch Family Services is a CARF accredited Kinship Agency.

A majority of the families that the agency assists are relative caregivers. The staff in our Kinship Program are well trained and have a plethora of experience successfully getting families through the licensing process and verified as Adopt, Foster to Adopt, or Foster to PMC-PCA homes. The services that we offer these families are:

  • Orientation and trainings are offered in-home, video conferencing (i.e. Zoom) or at our office
  • We have bilingual staff and case managers
  • Families could be eligible for financial assistance with the home licensing process (i.e. finger prints, home safety equipment, home inspections, etc.)
  • We work with families that need RISK Assessments
  • We have an impeccable home monitoring process
  • We stay in contact with the CPS caseworker on the family’s home verification status
  • We have psychologist and therapist on staff for the children and families (CANS assessments, psychological evaluation, individual therapy, family therapy, and/or couple’s therapy)
  • We offer intensive case management
  • We are able to have a kinship home licensed in less than 90 days in most cases
  • Our agencies offers families that we work with post adoption/permanency support until the child/children reach(es) adulthood

Kinship Treatment Foster Family Care Program

Kinship Treatment Family Foster Care (K-TFFC) is a program designed to provide innovative, multi-disciplinary treatment services to a youth in a relative family home environment. The target population for K-TFFC is children in DFPS conservatorship with very high needs and complex trauma history. Placement in the K-TFFC program is limited to 9 months, with a possible 3 month extension upon DFPS approval. The goal is to stabilize the child, strongly support the family unit, and a  successful reunification with the parent(s) or achieve permanency in that relative caregiver’s home. The services that are provided to youth and relative caregiver are
K-TFFC Youth
K-TFFC Family Support Specialist
Behavior Specialist
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy
Progress Assessments (Child Behavior Checklist – CBCL)
Invitation to Community & Agency Events
K-TFFC Relative Caregiver
K-TFFC Family Support Specialist 
Parent Coach
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy
Extensive Caregiver Trauma Training
Parenting Classes
Respite Care Program 
Self Care Quarterly Session with Licensed Clinician
Monthly Parent Support Group
Crisis Intervention Team
Community Resources & Referrals

Preparation for Independent Living (PIL) Kinship Extended Foster Care Program

The Preparation for Independent Living Extended Foster Care program is available for CPS youth ages 16 – 21 years and 11 months. The goal is for the youth to stabilize, receive necessary services, and prepare them for Supervised Independent Living or Independence. MFS license kinship extended foster care homes and provide supportive services for the youth and caregivers. The services that are provided to youth and relative caregiver are:
PIL Youth
  • Initial Needs Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Monthly follow-up and direct assistance with goals
  • MFS Young Adult Support Groups and Meet Ups
  • Mental Health Services
  • Life Skills Groups
PIL Relative Caregiver
  • Supportive Home Licensing Process
  • Caregiver Training
  • Peer Lead Saturday Support Groups
  • Individualized Parent Coaching
  • 24 Hour Crisis Hotline & Intervention Team
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Respite Care
  • Monthly Foster Care Stipend


The PIL Program is funded by TX HB5 Foster Care Capacity Grant

Kinship Family Prevention Services

This program is also known as a Kinship Navigator Program. Relatives who volunteer to provide a home to children in cases when the biological parent(s) cannot provide care account for the largest population within alternative care arrangements. When Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) are not involved or have closed a DFPS case, the child is considered in an informal relative placement. The Kinship Navigator Program provides the following services to relative caregivers without CPS involvement

The current programs and services that Monarch Family Services offers to informal relative caregivers include:

  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline Access
  • Advocacy
  • Behavioral Health / Psychological Services
  • Case Management
  • Invitations to MFS Family Events (i.e. annual picnic and Christmas party)
  • Online Support Groups
  • Parent Support Group
  • Resource Referrals

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