Foster Parent Annual Training

Monarch Family Services offers foster parents modualized trainings and workshops (including a measurement of learned objectives) on the following topics:

  • RCCL Minimum Standards (agency specific areas of concern);
  • Psychotropic Medication Training (including completing medication and psychiatric visitations);
  • Home Compliance (Reporting changes in the foster home, frequent visitors, back-up caregivers, and corrective action plans);
  • Promoting Healthy Relationships;
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Hearing Appointments; Communicable Diseases; Psychological Evaluations; and Reporting Serious Incidents;
  • Prevention, Recognition & Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (Allegations and Investigations);
  • Trauma Informed Care;
  • Getting Ready for School (Education Portfolio, Extra Curriculum Activities, Tutorials, and Parent Involvement);
  • Transportation Safety Training (Care/Booster Seats, Transportation Compliance, and Require Paperwork);
  • Supervision & Safety Practices – Alternative Caregivers-Respite;
  • Foster Home and Child File Documentation;
  • Holiday Blues – Supporting Foster Children during the holiday season;
  • Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP); and
  • Other trainings: _____________________________________

If you would like to schedule a training, please complete the “Foster Parent Annual Training Form” and email it to