In some cases, reunification of children with their biological parents is not possible. Currently, there are 7,000 children that are eligible for adoption in Texas. Monarch Family Services strives to seek stable, loving, and nurturing forever homes for every child eligible for kinship, fictive kinship, unrelated adoption or foster to adopt. It is the agency’s goal to support and facilitate a positive experience for the prospective adoptive parent or parents. We offer a full range of services including:
· Supportive file development process
· Required Foster/Adoptive Parent Training (office or home-based). Our office is centrally located. Trainings are offered weekly and at convenient hours to accommodate prospective foster/adoptive parents’ schedule.
· Internal Home Study Service
· Behavior Health Services for all family members (psychological evaluation, individual therapy, family therapy, and/or couple’s therapy)
· Home Monitoring Process
· Intensive Case Management
The agency licenses foster homes that have the capacity to provide care for older children ages 16 and above who are in extended care or foster care. We provide comprehensive training for foster parents to effectively teach children life and independent living skills. The agency also provides intensive case management and behavior health services to give youth the ability to grow and thrive in these homes.

Monarch Family Services specializes in Kinship Adoption. Families that need financial assistance with the home licensing process could qualify for the Kinship Stipend offered by MFS. Also, like many agencies MFS offers in-home adoptive parent training. We provide all Psychological Services (psychological evaluation, individual therapy, family therapy, parenting classes, etc.) to our families by our team of Psychologist, License Professional Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers. We also have a case management component to assist the kinship families with any needs they might have that could potentially create a barrier with the home opening process.