Child Placement Agency Staff Training

Child Placement Agencies is required to complete 15-20 hours of annual training. We provide workshops on (1) transportation safety, (2) service/treatment plan development, (3) mental health diagnosis and intervention, (4) professional time management, (5) crisis prevention and intervention, (6) effective case management, (7) Review of Minimum Standards, (8) report and record keeping, (9) Emergency Behavior Intervention, (10) Safety Practices, and (11) other topics specific to the requirements of the agency.

Dr. Valerie D. Jackson is the primary trainer. She has been instructing on the University/College level for almost 10 years and working with children in care for over 16 years. She has been a practicing mental health professional for 13 years. Monarch Family Services offer trainings to child placement agency employees, contractors, and volunteers. Each training module has a pre and posttest to evaluate the learned objectives. The trainings are offered at a nominal fee. The topics include but not limited to:

  • Transportation Safety;
  • Service/Treatment Plan Development;
  • Mental Health Diagnosis and Intervention;
  • Professional Time Management;
  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention;
  • Effective Case Management;
  • Review of Minimum Standards;
  • Report and Record Keeping;
  • Emergency Behavior Intervention;
  • Safety Practices; and
  • Other topics specific to the requirements of the agency.

If you would like to schedule a training, please complete the “Child Placement Agency Staff Training Form” and email it to