Prospective Adoptive Parent’s Name(s): Shane and Nicole Carriere

Age(s): 43 & 37

Race: Caucasian/ Non-Hispanic

Marital Status: Married / 9-year relationship; married since 2011

Children: None

Pets: Two Dogs

Residence: Richmond, Texas / Middle Class Neighborhood

Highest Level of Education: Shane – High School Diploma / Nicole– Associates Degree

Occupation: Shane – Equipment Lead at P97 Networks / Yolanda – Sales at Republic Network Distribution

Religion: Christian

Motivation for Parenting: Their motivation to adopt is to have children and start their family. They always wanted children and made the decision to adopt versus using infertility treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Carriere accepted they would not have any biological children of their own. Their motivation to adopt appeared both self-centered and child centered. They have a desire to adopt to start their family, but also recognized the needs of children in the foster care system.

Overall Strengths:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Carriere were very friendly, open, and appeared genuine in their desire to adopt. They have a personal experience with adoption through Mr. Carriere’s father and plan to use him as a resource to help their child’s journey as they continue to grow in their home.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carriere appear accepting of a child and are more than willing to adjust their family dynamic for the addition of a child.
  • They are willing to incorporate a child’s culture into their family as well; including holidays, food, and celebrations.
  • They appear flexible to learn different styles effective for individual children.
  • They recognize their role as adoptive parents is instrumental in helping a child heal in a stable, loving, home and working through behaviors often exhibited by children who experienced trauma of abuse and neglect.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carriere communicate a willingness to work through any behaviors a child may exhibit once placed in the home and will utilize support of their agency, as well as other members of the professional team.