Prospective Adoptive Parent’s Name(s): Nicholas and Carolyn Gonzales Age(s): 27 & 26

Race: Caucasian/Hispanic

Marital Status: Married / 13-year relationship; married since 2017

Children: None

Pets: Two dog and one cat

Residence: Deer Park Texas / Middle Class Neighborhood

Highest Level of Education: Nicholas – Associates Degree / Carolyn – Bachelors

Occupation: Nicholas –Loader for SGS PSC / Carolyn – Teacher in Laporte ISD

Religion: Christian

Motivation for Parenting: Carolyn Mathis and Nicholas Gonzales desire to have children and have always been interested in adoption. Mr. Gonzales agreed, adding that they want to provide children in need of a home with a safe, stable home. Mrs. Mathis stated that she has also wanted to adopt a child with Down’s Syndrome at some point in time after caring for a child with Down’s Syndrome at Miss Peggy’s Child Care Center. Mrs. Mathis stated that her teaching partner at school has become one of her best friends and praises her for how she works with students in the classroom. The couple stated that they feel like they will be serving God by giving a child a home through adoption; they also have a strong interest in adopting a sibling group

Overall Strengths:

  • Nicholas Gonzales and Carolyn Mathis have a committed relationship and marriage.
  • Nicholas Gonzales and Carolyn Mathis know how to find and access needed resources to meet the needs of children placed in their home.
  • The couple is motivated to adopt children to provide them with a stable, secure home and family.
  • The family has a strong support system consisting of family members, friends, and community members.
  • Nicholas Gonzales and Carolyn Mathis are financially stable.
  • Nicholas Gonzales and Carolyn Mathis have a strong ability to tap in to the resources in their community.
  • Nicholas Gonzales and Carolyn Mathis have a lot of experience caring for unrelated children. They appear to be well-suited for parenting and raising non-biological/non-related children.
  • Nicholas Gonzales and Carolyn Mathis are sensitive to the cultural needs of children and will research and integrate cultural observances in to their daily lives.

Child/Children Seeking to Adopt: 3 male or female children; ages 0-10; Any Race/Ethnicity