Prospective Adoptive Parent’s Name(s): Jeffery Mechler and Mark Vines

Age(s): 41 & 47

Race: Caucasian/ Non-Hispanic

Marital Status: Married / 9-year relationship; married since 2014

Children: One adopted daughter (Abagail Vines-Mechler)

Pets: Two Dogs and a bunny

Residence: Spring, Texas / Upper Middle Class Community

Highest Level of Education: Jeffery – High School Diploma / Mark– Associates Degree

Occupation: Jeffery –Lead Clinical Support Analyst at Memorial Herman / Mark – Director of Clinical System at Emerus

Religion: Christian

Motivation for Parenting: Mr. Vines reported that his primary motivation to adopt is to provide a child a decent childhood. He has a desire to extend their family and provide their daughter, Abagail some siblings; therefore she would not be alone. He appeared to be content with the decision to adopt. Mr. Vines would like to provide a child with a safe, nurturing and committed home. His motivation appears to be child-centered due to his willingness to provide for their adoptive children. Mr. Mechler has a desire to extend their family by adding two children into their home. He reported that having an additional room for the children. Mrs. Mechler appeared to be excited about their choice to add to their family. His primary motivation for wanting to provide care is to provide a nurturing home and loving parents.

Overall Strengths:

  • Mr. Vines and Mr. Mechler have stable residence and income.
  • Mr. Vines and Mr. Mechler have no criminal or CPS history.
  • Mr. Vines and Mr. Mechler’s references received were all positive.
  • Mr. Vines and Mr. Mechler are physically, mentally and emotionally stable.
  • Mr. Vine and Mr. Mechler have previous adoption and child placing experience.
  • Mr. Vines and Mr. Mechler are equally committed and motivated to extend their family.
  • Mr. Vines and Mr. Mechler appear to be capable of making appropriate parenting decisions.
  • Mr. Vines and Mr. Mechler receive support from family and church members.